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I have arrived, I am home. - Thich Nhat Hanh

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My other health coaching programs for pregnancy, birth, and family life can be found at The Nourished Home. Read more here or visit The Nourished Home for complete program details.

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We all want to feel peacefully at home in our bodies, minds, families, work, wherever we are in life. We want home to be a place where we are safe to be our true selves. I am here to help you nourish your Self, your Family, and your Home, and to support you in realizing your vision for a fulfilled life.

When you get pregnant I will teach you everything you need to know to prepare your body, mind, heart, and home for a healthy, thriving baby, empowered birth experience, and speedy postpartum recovery. Together we will create a personalized concrete plan for how you will take radically good care of yourself, nourish your kids' bodies and minds, & keep feeding your passions in life.

Click on the links below to see your program options.

Through the Nourished Self Program I will support you in reaching your personal wellness and lifestyle goals.

Through the Nourished Mama Program I will support you in having a happy, natural, and empowered pregnancy and birth experience. The Nourished Mama program then extends into a postpartum and beyond offering in which I will provide you with support, strategies, and accountability to balance your own self-care & wellness with the demands of motherhood and family life.

Through the Nourished Family Program I will support you in creating the home environment you’ve always dreamed of to best support, honor, and nourish your children as they grow into healthy, happy adults.

In addition to these programs, I offer support in helping you build a Nourished Baby Registry with all-natural, organic, eco-friendly, BPA & Phlalate-free, and developmentally appropriate toys, clothes, care & feeding products, furniture, baby carriers, strollers, cloth diapers, and any other items that you are seeking for your baby. 

Visit The Nourished Home for more information.