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How do you want to feel during the 6 weeks after your baby is born?

Do you want to:

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  • Feel calm & confident?
  • Be well rested?
  • Heal your body quickly through the foods you eat and a few simple things you do to feel strong and centered each day?
  • Begin getting your flat tummy back?
  • Have your home be a quiet, organized, peaceful place to be?
  • Avoid having the baby blues or postpartum depression and want natural strategies to prevent and/or manage emotional challenges after birth?
  • Feel more connected to your partner than ever?
  • Help your older child(ren) make a smooth transition with their new sibling and ensure that they don't feel replaced or less loved because of this change?
  • Know how to get the support you need from family and friends while also having the boundaries that you want for alone time, bonding, and rest without worrying about hurting other peoples' feelings?
  • Fully savor the precious, fleeting time you have to bond with, cuddle, & love up your baby while she is still a newborn?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then The COCOON TIME Method is the perfect program for you!

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Flannery birth 2010The COCOON TIME Method prepares you and your partner for the early days of parenthood with empowering strategies to get the support and nourishment you need after your baby is born. Here you will find a roadmap to savor the sacredness of the early weeks of life with your baby, all the while deeply nourishing your mind, heart, and body. Imagine that after these first six weeks of life with your newborn, you emerge from your COCOON TIME feeling radiant, rested, calm, confident, and ready for whatever life brings!

By enrolling in this program before your baby is born you will learn, step-by-step, how to:

  • Use a simple & easy system to envision how you want your home to look and feel so you can get every room in your house set up for organization, beauty, ease, & functionality. With this approach you won't have to waste your time figuring out how you want to redesign your home postpartum when you just want to be resting with your newborn;
  • Buy, prepare, and stock healing postpartum foods that are delicious, healing, and restorative for you without having to do any guesswork on what to eat when;
  • Keep physical and emotional self-care at the top of your priority list so that you feel healthy, confident, and strong as a new Mama and ready for the transitions that come after the first 6 weeks postpartum (e.g., going back to work or returning to the full-swing pace of life at home with your kids);

  • Growing FamilyReduce stressors in your life and get the support you need from your partner, family, & friends so that if the baby blues strike you can move through them quickly and reduce your chances of experiencing postpartum depression during your baby's first year;
  • Get on the same page with your partner and co-create a postpartum plan that will improve constructive communication and emotional intimacy so that you are in this parenting journey together during COCOON TIME and beyond.

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What's Included

  • 4 one-hour Recorded Coaching Calls to teach you the COCOON TIME Method where I will give you the support, encouragement, structure, & motivation you're seeking so that you and your family enjoy the best start possible after your baby is born. You can participate from home, work, or even if you are on vacation! Bottom line: You'll listen to the calls at your convenience.
    • nurseryCall #1 Building Your COCOON: Learn to identify obstacles that prevent you from having a peaceful, organized, and beautiful home environment. Master simple strategies for creating and maintaining a home that fosters beauty, ease & functionality. Don't think "Extreme Home Makeover", this is a plan where you learn to prioritize, room by room, what small, doable changes will best support you and your baby during COCOON TIME.
    • curried lentils and riceCall #2 What to Eat During COCOON TIME: Enjoy the foods that are just right for your postpartum recovery. Build the perfect postpartum grocery list you need to stock your fridge & pantry. Become skilled at enlisting a support team to prepare quick, delicious, and healing meals. Change your mindset around asking for help and create a community where it becomes "normal" to give and receive the help every woman really needs during COCOON TIME.
    • JustbreatheCall #3 Support, Self-Care, & Self-Awareness: Identify how you can get the best support you need from family & friends while also having the boundaries you want for privacy without worry or guilt. Learn how to care for your physical and emotional health in a deep and nurturing way that will help you heal your body and tap into your inner strength. Begin a self-awareness practice now that will help you navigate through the roller coaster of emotions, exhaustion, & fears that may arise during the early weeks with your baby.
    • couple sunsetCall #4 Partnering through Parenthood: Learn how to ensure that you and your partner enjoy greater emotional intimacy, loving, constructive communication, and find tremendous joy in co-creating your lives as partners through parenthood.
  • Ready-to-print COCOON TIME Method handouts that include exercises, information, a Cocoon Time Method Recipe Book, worksheets and goal sheets for working on the home environment, self-care, meals, and how to nurture your relationship with your partner during the 6 weeks after baby is born.
  • Access to the Secure Members' Area, Class Recordings, and Course Materials.

Plus Three Wonderful Bonuses

  • Beyond COCOON TIME Recorded Coaching Call: I'll share with you how to confidently transition out of your COCOON TIME and into the full swing of things with your baby and family. I'll take you through a guided meditation that will help you confidently navigate through life with your newborn baby. 
  • One 45-minute LIVE one-on-one coaching call with me where we'll work through your specific goals, questions, and lay out a roadmap for your COCOON TIME plan.
  • Access to The Nourished Home Newsletter for the latest tips on pregnancy, birth, family life, and Mama wellness.

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If you are expecting a baby for the first, second or third time, this method is for you. You will leave the COCOON TIME Method with a plan to cultivate the support you really need, develop powerful self-care habits that you can stick with, be more connected to your partner than ever, feel the support and love of a community of like-minded pregnant Mamas, and empower yourself as a mother from the moment your baby is born.

Today is the day to invest in this life-changing experience that will not only benefit you, your baby, and family postpartum, but lay a foundation for your nourished home-life long-term. I look forward to working with you soon!

With warmth & light,

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Laura Thompson Brady, MS, CHHC, AADP